Song Name: Tumi Sarveswareswara Vrajendra Kumar
Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura
Book Name: Saranagati (Section: Goptritve Varana Song 4)

tumi sarveśvareśvara, brajendra-kumāra!
tomāra icchāya viśve sṛjana saṁhāra
tava icchā-mato brahmā korena sṛjana
tava icchā-mato viṣnu korena pālana
tava icchā-mate śiva korena saṁhāra
tava icchā-mate māyā sṛje kārāgāra
tava icchā-mate jīver janama-maraṇa
samṛddhi-nipāte duḥkha sukha-saṁghaṭana
miche māyā-baddha jīva āśā-pāśe phire’
tava icchā binā kichu korite nā pare
tumi to’ rākhaka ār pālaka āmāra
tomāra caraṇa binā āśā nāhi āra
nija-bala-ceṣṭā-prati bharasā chāḍiyā
tomāra icchāya āchi nirbhara koriyā
bhakativinoda ati dīna akiñcana
tomāra icchāya tā’r jīvana maraṇa


1) O youthful son of the King of Vraja, You are Lord of all lords. According to Your will, creation and destruction take place in the universe.

2) According to Your will Lord Brahma creates, and according to Your will Lord Visnu maintains.

3) According to Your will Lord Siva destroys, and according to Your will Maya constructs the prison house of this world.

4) According to Your will the living beings take birth and die, and according to Your will they meet with prosperity and ruin, happiness and sorrow.

5) The tiny soul bound up by Maya vainly struggles in the fetters of worldly desire. Without Your sanction he is unable to do anything.

6) You are my only protector and maintainer. Except for Your lotus feet there is no other hope for me.

7) No longer confident of my own strength and endeavor, I have become solely dependent on Your will.

8) Bhaktivinoda is most poor, and his pride has been leveled. Now in accordance with Your will he lives and dies.

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