Song Name: Prabhu Tava Pada Yuge
Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura
Book Name: Gitavali (Section: Siksastakam Song 4)

prabhu tava pada-yuge mora nivedan
nāhi māgi deha-sukha, vidyā, dhana, jan
nāhi māgi swarga, āra mokṣa nāhi māgi
nā kori prārthanā kono vibhūtira lāgi’
nija-karma-guna-doṣe je je janma pāi
janme janme jeno tava nāma-guna gāi
ei mātra āśā mama tomār caraṇe
ahoitukī bhakti hṛde jāge anukṣane
viṣaye je prīti ebe āchaye āmār
sei-mata prīti hauk caraṇe tomār
vipade sampade tāhā thākuk sama-bhāve
dine dine vṛddhi hauk nāmera prabhāve
paśu-pakṣi ho’ye thāki swarge vā niroye
tava bhakti rahu bhaktivinoda-hṛdoye


1) My Lord: I submit the following prayer at Your holy feet: I do not pray to You for physical leisure, for learning, wealth, or followers.

2) I do not pray for heaven or salvation. I do not pray for any of these opulences.

3) In whatever birth I take, wherever my karma leads me, let me sing the glories of Your Holy Name birth after birth.

4) This alone is my cherished hope, my aspiration, my prayer at your lotus feet: Let causeless and uninterrupted devotion awaken within my heart and flow towards You.

5) Let me love Your lotus feet as much as I now love sense gratification; transfer my affection from the objects of the senses to Your lotus feet.

6) In danger or success, good fortune or disaster, let me remain in equipoise. And let my affection for You increase day by day by the influence of the Holy Name.

7) Whether I live as bird or beast, in heaven or in hell, let the humble Bhaktivinoda always cherish bhakti in his heart of hearts.

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