Song Name: Nitai Nam Hate O Ke Jabire Bhai
Official Name: Nama Hatta Bhajana
Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura ​

nitai nam hate o ke jabire bhai, ay chute
ese pasanda jagai madhai dujan sakal hater mal nile jute
hater amsi mahajon, sri adwaita sanatan
bhandari sri gadadhar pandit vicaksan
achen caukidar haridas adi holen sri sanjay
sri sridhar mate dalal kesava bharati sri vidya vacaspati
paricarak achen krsna dasa prabhrti
hon kosadhyaksa srivas pandit, jhadudar kedar jute
hater mulya nirupon, naya bhakti prakasana,
prema heno mudra sarbasar, samyaman nai komi besi saman
o jon re, sob ek mane bojhay uthe.
ei premer uddesa, ek sadhu upadesa
sudhamoy harinam rupa su-sandesa
ete boro nai re dvesadvesa
khay ek pate kanakuthe.


1-5) Nityandanda has come to the Marketplace of the Name. Whoever’s coming, run quickly. Those two rascals Jagai and Madhai have looted the storehouse and taken all the goods. You will find the partners Adwaita, Sanatan, the store house managers. Gadadhar Pandit is the guard, Haridas is the watch man, Sanjay and Sridhar are the bearers. Kesava Bharati and Vidyavacaspati are brokers and Krsna Das and others are managers. Srivas Pandit is the treasurer, and Kedarnath is the sweeper. The cost of the goods in the store, are nine kinds of devotional service. The gold coin is prema. There is no limit, with whatever you have, buy, there is no shortage, people take as much of the goods as they can. For obtaining love of God this is good advice. The message is the nectarean name of the Lord, so let there be no useless strife. Let everyone, whoever he may be, eat from the same plate.

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