Song Name: Jaya Radha Madhava
Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura
Book Name: Gitavali (Section: Sri Krsnaer Vimsottara Sata Nama Song 4) ​

​(jaya) rādhā-mādhava (jaya) kuñja-bihārī
(jaya) gopī-jana-vallabha (jaya) giri-vara-dhārī
(jaya) jaśodā-nandana, (jaya) braja-jana-rañjana,
(jaya) jāmuna-tīra-vana-cārī


1) O my mind, why don’t you worship Śrī Gaurasundara, the crown-jewel of all incarnations? You always stay in water but your thirst is never satiated due to your own past bad activities.

2) He is the beloved son of mother Yasoda, the delighter of the inhabitants of Vraja, and He wanders in the forests along the banks of the River Yamuna!

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