Song Name: He Govinda He Gopal Kesava Madhava
Author: Jayadeva Goswami

he govinda he gopāla
keśava mādhava dīna doyāl
tumi parama doyāl prabhu, parama doyāl
keśava mādhava dīna doyāl
pīta basana pari mayurera sikhā dhori
muralir vāni tule bole rādhā nām
tumi madera gopāla prabhu, madera gopāla
keśava mādhava dīna-doyāl
bhava bhaya bhañjana śri madhu sudana
vipada bhañjana tumi nārāyaṇa


1) O pleaser of the cows! O protector of cows! O bearer of the finest hair! O husband of the goddess of fortune! You are very merciful to the fallen souls!

2) You are supremely merciful, O Lord, supremely merciful! O Kesava! O Madhava! O Dina Doyal!

3) Wearing bright yellow garments and a peacock feather upon Your crown, You play the flute and make it sing the name of Radha!

4) You are the cowherd boy that gives great delight, O Lord, the cowherd boy that gives great delight! O Kesava! O Madhava! O Dina Doyal!

5) You take away our fear of being trapped on the wheel of repeated birth and death in the material world, and You are the splendorous killer of the demon Madhu. The destroyer of all tribulations, You are the supreme resting place for all souls.

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