Song Name: Bhuliya Tomare
Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura
Book Name: Saranagati (Section: Dainya Song 1)

bhuliyā tomāre, saṁsāre āsiyā,
peye nānā-vidha byathā
tomāra caraṇe, āsiyāchi āmi,
bolibo duḥkehera kathā
jananī jaṭhare, chilāma jakhona,
biṣama bandhana-pāśe
eka-bāra prabhu! dekhā diyā more,
vañcile e dīna dāse
takhona bhāvinu, janama pāiyā,
koribo bhajana tava
janama hoilo, paḍi’ māyā-jāle,
nā hoilo jñāna-lava
ādarera chele, sva-janera kole,
hāsiyā kāṭānu kāla
janaka jananī-snehete bhuliyā,
saṁsāra lāgilo bhālo
krame dina dina, bālaka hoiyā,
bhelinu bālaka-saha
āra kichu dine, jnāna upajilo,
pāṭha poḍi ahar-ahaḥ
vidyāra gaurave, bhrami’ deśe deśe,
dhana uparjana kori
sva-jana pālana, kori eka-mane,
bhulinu tomāre, hari!
bārdhakye ekhona, bhakativinoda,
kāṇdiyā kātara ati
nā bhajiyā tore, dina bṛthā gelo,
ekhona ki habe gati?


1) I forsake You, O Lord, and came to this world of pain and sorrow. Now I submit my tale of woe at Your lotus feet.

2) While still in the unbearable shackles of my mother’s womb, I saw You before me. You revealed Yourself but briefly and then abandoned this poor servant of Yours.

3) At that moment I swore to worship You after taking birth; but birth came, and with it the network of wordly illusion which robbed me of all good sense.

4) As a fondled son in the lap of relatives, I passed my time smiling and laughing. My parents’ affection helped me to forget the pangs of birth, and I thought the world was very nice.

5) Day by day I grew and soon began playing with other boys. Shortly my powers of understanding emerged. I read and studied my lessons incessantly.

6) Travelling from place to place, proud of my education, I grew wealthy and maintained my family with undivided attention. O Lord Hari, I forgot You!

7) Now in old age, Bhaktivinoda is sad. He weeps. I failed to worship You, O Lord, and instead passed my life in vain. What will be my fate now?

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