ŚB 1.4.20

ऋग्यजु:सामाथर्वाख्या वेदाश्चत्वार उद्‍धृता: ।
इतिहासपुराणं च पञ्चमो वेद उच्यते ॥ २० ॥
vedāś catvāra uddhṛtāḥ
itihāsa-purāṇaṁ ca
pañcamo veda ucyate


ṛg-yajuḥ-sāma-atharva-ākhyāḥ — the names of the four Vedas; vedāḥ — the Vedas; catvāraḥ — four; uddhṛtāḥ — made into separate parts; itihāsa — historical records (Mahābhārata); purāṇam ca — and the Purāṇas; pañcamaḥ — the fifth; vedaḥ — the original source of knowledge; ucyate — is said to be.


The four divisions of the original sources of knowledge [the Vedas] were made separately. But the historical facts and authentic stories mentioned in the Purāṇas are called the fifth Veda.

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