ŚB 1.12.31

स राजपुत्रो ववृधे आशु शुक्ल इवोडुप: ।
आपूर्यमाण: पितृभि: काष्ठाभिरिव सोऽन्वहम् ॥ ३१ ॥
sa rāja-putro vavṛdhe
āśu śukla ivoḍupaḥ
āpūryamāṇaḥ pitṛbhiḥ
kāṣṭhābhir iva so ’nvaham


saḥ — that; rāja-putraḥ — the royal prince; vavṛdhe — grew up; āśu — very soon; śukle — waxing moon; iva — like; uḍupaḥ — the moon; āpūryamāṇaḥ — luxuriantly; pitṛbhiḥ — by the parental guardians; kāṣṭhābhiḥ — plenary development; iva — like; saḥ — he; anvaham — day after day.


As the moon, in its waxing fortnight, develops day after day, so the royal prince [Parīkṣit] very soon developed luxuriantly under the care and full facilities of his guardian grandfathers.

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