Je Anilo Prem Dhana
Lamentation Due to Separation from the Lord and His Associates (from Prarthana)

je anilo prema-dhana koruna pracur
heno prabhu kotha gela acarya-thakur
kaha mora swarup rupa kaha sanatan
kaha dasa raghunatha patita-pavan
kaha mora bhatta-juga kaha kaviraj
eka-kale kotha gela gora nata-raj
pashane kutibo matha anale pasibo
gauranga gunera nidhi kotha gele pabo
se-saba sangira sange je koilo bilas
se-sanga na paiya kande narottama das


(1) He who brought the treasure of divine love and who was filled with compassion and mercy—where has such a personality as Srinivasa Acarya gone?

(2) Where are my Svarupa Damodara and Rupa Gosvami? Where is Sanatana? Where is Raghunatha dasa, the savior of the fallen?

(3) Where are my Raghunatha Bhatta and Gopala Bhatta, and where is Krishnadasa Kaviraja? Where did Lord Gauranga, the great dancer, suddenly go?

(4) I will smash my head against the rock and enter into the fire. Where will I find Lord Gauranga, the reservoir of all wonderful qualities?

(5) Being unable to obtain the association of Lord Gauranga accompanied by all of these devotees in whose association He performed His pastimes, Narottama dasa simply weeps.

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