Gitar Gan

1. Observing the Armies on the Battlefield of Kurukñetra

2. Contents of the Gétä Summarized

3. Karma Yoga

4. Transcendental Knowledge

5. Karma-yoga-Action in Kåñëa Consciousness

6. Dhyäna-yoga

7. Knowledge of the Absolute

8. Attaining the Supreme

9. The Most Confidential Knowledge

10. The Opulence of the Absolute

11. The Universal Form

12. Devotional Service

13. Nature, the Enjoyer, and Consciousness

14. The Three Modes of Material Nature

15. The Yoga of the Supreme Person

16. The Divine and Demoniac Nature

17. The Divisions of Faith

18. Conclusion—The Perfection of Renunciation

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