Scheduled Services for DASANUDAS PR (Morning)






4:40 AM

Perform Achamana and Manas Puja for Guru and Srila Prabhupada.


Refer to the laminated sheets for Achamana and Manas Puja.


5:00 AM

Take out garlands boxes from the fridge & handover the small garlands to the pujaris of small deities.

Make a plate containing SP dress, SP towel, chandan powder paste, cotton, Achamana pot.

Make Chandan paste for offering Tulasi leaves at the lotus feet of Lord.

Put small quantity of rose water in Gopi Chandan powder to make paste.

Check the garlands to identify the set for SS RVC & SS GN & SP.


5:10 AM

Carry the bathing water, counchshell and the bathing tub into altar and set up the arrangement for bathing and dressing SP.

Set up is done in front of SS GN altar opposite to where SS GN pujari sits.


5:15 AM

Bath SP with warm water, then apply chandan paste and again bathe three times by pouring water with the conch shell. Then dry SP’s body with the towel very gently. Now you can put on fresh ironed dress for SP.

Be attentive and careful to remove all chandan powder from SP’s body.


5:30 AM

Put the water in bathing tub into the bucket kept in back up area and keep SP dress, towel, chandan paste, bathing water, etc into the back up kitchen. 

Bring a bucket for Charanamrita in altar.

Mop the area where you bathed SP with RED mop. Also, rinse the bathing tub and conchshell and give to SS GN pujari.



5:40 AM onwards

6:00 AM

6:15 AM

6:30 AM

Whenever any pujari calls, should   go and immediately provide the necessary items. He should respond alertly and enthusiastically.

If you have gone out of the Deity room for service, purify hands and feet each time.

Clean all photographs including the corners with cotton and garland them. Offer tulasi with very little candan to Pancha Tattva and Lord Narsimhadev Photos.   

Refill the Conchshell rinsing pot kept by the side of the table.

Offer fresh garlands to all the Acharyas in parampara after carefully cleaning their bodies and asanas. Also, offer garlands to the cows. CUT the EXTRA HANGING THREADS behind the photographs/deities.

Cut one fruit sufficient for filling in 2 bowls. Take out burfi from fridge and put 2 each in two bowls.

Fill in 2 glasses of water and arrange 2 plates with one bowl fruit, one bowl sweet & 1 glass of water in each of them.

Give these plates to the pujaris of utsava deities.

Bring new Tulasi pots from the roof and put on new dresses(keep enough space around the stem) & garlands  them in a way that they shouldn’t hang on stem.

Offer Tulasi leaves with little chandan paste to the lotus feet of Big deities and Shift Tulasi Maharani to the altar.  

Refill the pots below the counchshells  3/4th with water and also clean the incenses keeping pot/plate.

Stand in the passage, collect snana patra, conch shell bell, visarjana patra and kalasa from each pujari as soon as he finishes bathing the Deities.


6:40 AM

Make plate for offering bhoga.

Plate contains achamana patra(little clove powder), padyam patra, argyama patra, Visarjan patra, flowers and tulasi leaves. 

Also, fill up seven glasses of water for Deities and SP and put Tulasi leaves in all glasses except the one for SP.                                                                        


6:50 AM

Prepare Milk for the Lord in the kitchen below and then make bhoga plate for offering.

Each bhoga plate should have milk, water and rasamalai.


7:15 AM

Help in brooming and mopping the altar floor and winding up the dresses, jewellery, etc.

Mop the platform behind SS RVC altar also.


7:20 AM

Make the flower plates to be offered during Darshan Arti.



DASANUDAS   should   be   very   expert,   humble,   gentle,   alert   and enthusiastic in the performance of his duties.

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