Etiquette for preparing Bhoga Plate for Their Lordships.

1.Pujaris should come to back up the kitchen well in time so that they have sufficient time to graciously prepare the bhoga plates to be offered to Their Lordships. If the bhoga items are not there, pujaris can bring them up from the kitchen below. All items should always be covered while bringing them up in the back up kitchen.

2.Do complete Achamana and wash hands and dry them up before starting making plates. If while filling in the items, you touch any part of the body or your clothes or floor/platform, etc, immediately do achamana/wash hands before continuing to make the plate.

3.Before beginning to fill in the bohga items in plates, kindly check that the plates, glasses, bowls, spoon, transferring spoons, etc are all clean and that there is no dust on them. Also, they should not be wet. They should be dried up using an appropriate clot.

4.DO NOT TALK ON MOBILE/SPEAK/COUGH/YAWN/SNEEZE WHILE making the Bhoga plate. This will contaminate the bhoga items.

5.The items should not be too hot while filling in the bowls else the inside coating becomes blackish. Also, it is not proper to offer too hot items to Their Lordships.

6.While filling in the bowls, be cautious to see that the items should not fall or overflow on the outer side of the bowls.

7.No item should fall or flow in the plate of the Lord. If something falls, it should be wiped using a cloth so that the plate is perfectly clean.

8.Sweet items should be together on the left side w.r.t to the pooris while sabjis, soups, etc should be on the right side. Items on all plates should be arranged in a similar fashion.

9.Pooris/chapattis, etc should not be hanging outside the plate or touching the floor. They can be folded & kept completely inside the plate.

10.Ideally the plates should be covered up with a fine cloth or cover after all items are beautifully decorated in the plates and before they are taken inside the altar. They should not be visible for any other person to see, else it may become contaminated.

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