Song Name: Vrndavana Vasi Jata Vaisnavera Gana
Official Name: Vaisnava Vandana
Author: Devakinandana Das Thakura

vṛndāvana-vāsī jata vaiṣṇavera gaṇa
prathame vandanā kari sabāra caraṇa
nīlācala-vāsī jata mahāprabhura gaṇa
bhūmite poḍiyā vandoń sabāra caraṇa
navadvīpa-vāsī jata mahāprabhura bhakta
sabāra caraṇa vandoń haiyā anurakta
mahāprabhura bhakta jata gauḍa-deśe sthiti
sabāra caraṇa vandoń kariyā praṇati
je-deśe je-deśe baise gaurāńgera gaṇa
ūrdhva-bāhu kari vandoń sabāra caraṇa
haiyāchena haibena prabhura jata dāsa
sabāra caraṇa vandoń dante kari’ ghāsa
brahmāṇḍa tārite śakti dhare jane jane
e veda purāṇe guṇa gāya jevā śune
mahāprabhura gaṇa saba patita-pāvana
tāi lobhe mui pāpī lainu śaraṇa
vandanā karite mui kata śakti dhari
tamo-buddhi-doṣe mui dambha mātra kari
tathāpi mūkera bhāgya manera ullāsa
doṣa kṣami’ mo-adhame kara nija-dāsa
sarva-vāñchā siddhi haya yama-bandha chuṭe
jagate durlabha haiyā prema-dhana luṭe
manera vāsanā pūrṇa acirāte haya
devakīnandana dāsa ei lobhe kaya


1) First of all I offer glorifications to the feet of all of the Vaisnavas of Vrndavana.

2) Praising of all of Mahaprabhu’s Nilacala associates, I prostrate at their feet.

3) I pray for loving attachment to the lotus feet of all of Mahaprabhu’s Navadvipa bhaktas.

4) I offer pranamas at the feet of all of Mahaprabhu’s Gaudadesa (Bengal) devotees.

5) With upraised arms I pray to the feet of all of Gauranga’s bhaktas, in whichever country they may reside.

6) Holding a straw between my teeth, I submit at the feet of all the servants of Mahaprabhu that were or will be.

7) I have heard their glorification in the Vedas and Puranas, which proclaim that each one of His devotees has the sakti to deliver an entire universe.

8) (Hearing of their glory) I have come with great eagerness to surrender to Mahaprabhu’s bhaktas, who are all patita-pavana for sinners like me.

9) What power do I have to glorify them? But out of my ignorance and un-mitigating pride I do so anyway, thinking myself so qualified.

10) Even though I am dumb and unable to express their greatness, still my heart is joyful due to my great good fortune (that the Vaisnavas have accepted me as their own and Sri Gurudeva has given me harinama full of blissful pastimes). Forgive the faults of this fallen soul and make me your servant.

11) They award the perfection of all desires, including freedom from death, and even that rarest treasure not found in this world – prema!

12) All of one’s pure, heartfelt desires will be fulfilled without delay. Devaki-nandana dasa, intensely eager for this, glorifies and prays to the Vaisnavas.

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