Song Name: Ujjvala Varana
Official Name: Sri Sri Sacitanayastakam
Author: Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya

tri-bhuvana-pāvana-kṛpāyāḥ leśaṁ
taṁ praṇamāmi ca śrī-śacī-tanayam
taṁ praṇamāmi ca śrī-śacī-tanayam
aruṇāmbara-dhara cāru-kapolaṁ
taṁ praṇamāmi ca śrī-śacī-tanayam
taṁ praṇamāmi ca śrī-śacī-tanayam
taṁ praṇamāmi ca śrī-śacī-tanayam
taṁ praṇamāmi ca śrī-śacī-tanayam
taṁ praṇamāmi ca śrī-śacī-tanayam
taṁ praṇamāmi ca śrī-śacī-tanayam


1) I prostrate myself before the Son of Mother Saci, Whose radiant lotus face and body shine with the splendor of molten gold. This transcendental body is the playground for the continuous expression of variegated moods and ecstatic symptoms, that carry His consciousness to the realm where He is no longer aware of that transcendental body. By only a particle of His mercy he has delivered the three worlds.

2) I salute the Son of Mother Saci, Whose heart is in a state of rapture, transformed by feelings of intense love. In His pastime of loud roaring, before the mischievous and malicious rascals, He removes all fear of the vast ocean of material existence, by the effect of His unlimited compassion.

3) He is wearing garments the color of the eastern sky during the dawn, and His lovely cheeks shine with the same radiance. The nails of His hands and feet have the same pleasing effect as the moon, shining in the sky. His pleasure diversion consists of discussions and glorification of His own wonderful qualities and names. I offer my obeisances to the Son of Mother Saci.

4) His lotus eyes are always wet with tears. His ornaments are the new and ever fresh transformations of ecstatic love that decorate His transcendental form. His gait is slow and majestic, yet His dancing is a wonderful pastime of enjoyment. I bow down before the Son of Mother Saci.

5) The movement of His lovely, yet restless, lotus feet captivates the mind, and His ankle bracelets sweeten that charming scene all the more. His face, which defeats the beauty of the moon, is very cooling and pleasant. I offer my salutations to the Son of Mother Saci.

6) He wears a cord around His waist and carries in His hands a water pot and staff. His divine appearance is complemented by His shaved head. The sins of the wicked are annulled by the rod of chastisement that he carries. I salute the Son of Mother Saci.

7) His ornaments are the dust on His body and His radiant tilak, prepared with sandalwood. The beautiful sight of His trembling reddish lips brings delight to the mind and heart. I offer my obeisances to the Son of Mother Saci.

8) His lotus eyes defeat the color of pink lotuses. His two lotus hands are very long, reaching down almost to His knees. He appears to be a mere adolescent, dressed as He is, ready to dance. I prostrate myself before the Son of Mother Saci.

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