Song Name: Jaya Jaya Radha Krsna
Official Name: Sri Yugala Arotik (The Ceremony of Worshiping the Divine Couple)
Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura
Book Name: Gitavali (Section: Arati Kirtana Song 3)

jaya jaya rādhā-kṛṣṇa yugala-milana
ārati karowe lalitādi sakhī-gaṇa
madana-mohana rūpa tri-bhaṅga-sundara
pītambara śikhi-puccha-cūḍā-manohara
lalita-mādhava-vāme bṛṣabhānu-kanyā
sunīla-vasanā gaurī rūpe gune dhanyā
nānā-vidha alaṅkāra kore jhalamala
hari-mano-vimohana vadana ujjvala
viśākhādi sakhī-gaṇa nānā rāge gāya
priya-narma-sakhī jata cāmara ḍhulāya
bhakativinoda sakhī-pade sukhe bhāse


1) All glories, all glories to the meeting of the transcendental pair, Sri Sri Radha and Krsna! The gopis, headed by Lalita, perform the arati ceremony for Their pleasure.

2) The three-fold bending form of Krsna, the attractor of Cupid, dressed in yellow silk dhoti and wearing a crown decorated with peacock feathers, is simply captivating to the mind.

3) Sitting to the left of the charming Lord Madhava is the daughter of King Vrsabhanu, dressed in a lovely deep blue sari. Her complexion is the color of molten gold, and all characteristics of Her beauty and qualities are highly praiseworthy.

4) She is decorated with various shimmering, sparkling ornaments. Her face is so splendorous that it enchants the mind of Lord Hari.

5) The gopis of Visakha’s group sing many enchanting songs in various tunes, while the topmost class of gopis, known as the priya-narma-sakhis, soothe Radha and Krsna by waving camara fans.

6) Hoping to attain the lotus feet of Radhika and Madhava, Bhaktivinoda happily swims in the ocean of bliss found at the feet of the damsels of Vraja Dham.

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