Śrī brahma-saṁhitā 5.60

yasyāḥ śreyas-karaṁ nāsti
yayā nirvṛtim āpnuyāt
yā sādhayati mām eva
bhaktiṁ tām eva sādhayet


yasyāḥ — than which; śreyaḥ-karam — superior well-being; na — not; asti — there is; yayā — by which; nirvṛtim — supreme bliss; āpnuyāt — one can attain; yā — who; sādhayati — leads; mām — to Me; eva — certainly; bhaktim — loving devotion; tām — that; eva — indeed; sādhayet — one should perform.


These preliminary practices of devotion [sādhana-bhakti] are conducive to the realization of loving devotion. [Loving devotion]—than whom there is no superior well-being, who goes hand in hand with the attainment of the exclusive state of supreme bliss and who can lead to Myself.


The jīva-soul has no better well-being than loving devotion. In this is realized the final beatitude of jīvas. The lotus feet of Kṛṣṇa are attainable only by loving devotion. He who cultivates the preliminary devotional activities anxiously keeping in view that realized state of devotion can alone attain to that object of all endeavor. None else can have the same.

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