ŚB 1.7.38

प्रतिश्रुतं च भवता पाञ्चाल्यै श‍ृण्वतो मम ।
आहरिष्ये शिरस्तस्य यस्ते मानिनि पुत्रहा ॥ ३८ ॥
pratiśrutaṁ ca bhavatā
pāñcālyai śṛṇvato mama
āhariṣye śiras tasya
yas te mānini putra-hā


pratiśrutam — it is promised; ca — and; bhavatā — by you; pāñcālyai — unto the daughter of the King of Pāñcāla (Draupadī); śṛṇvataḥ — which was heard; mama — by Me personally; āhariṣye — must I bring; śiraḥ — the head; tasya — of him; yaḥ — whom; te — your; mānini — consider; putra-hā — the killer of your sons.


Furthermore, I have personally heard you promise Draupadī that you would bring forth the head of the killer of her sons.

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