ŚB 1.7.30

संहत्यान्योन्यमुभयोस्तेजसी शरसंवृते ।
आवृत्य रोदसी खं च ववृधातेऽर्कवह्निवत् ॥ ३० ॥
saṁhatyānyonyam ubhayos
tejasī śara-saṁvṛte
āvṛtya rodasī khaṁ ca
vavṛdhāte ’rka-vahnivat


saṁhatya — by combination of; anyonyam — one another; ubhayoḥ — of both; tejasī — the glares; śara — weapons; saṁvṛte — covering; āvṛtya — covering; rodasī — the complete firmament; kham ca — outer space also; vavṛdhāte — increasing; arka — the sun globe; vahni-vat — like fire.


When the rays of the two brahmāstras combined, a great circle of fire, like the disc of the sun, covered all outer space and the whole firmament of planets.


The heat created by the flash of a brahmāstra resembles the fire exhibited in the sun globe at the time of cosmic annihilation. The radiation of atomic energy is very insignificant in comparison to the heat produced by a brahmāstra. The atomic bomb explosion can at utmost blow up one globe, but the heat produced by the brahmāstra can destroy the whole cosmic situation. The comparison is therefore made to the heat at the time of annihilation.

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