ŚB 1.12.8

अङ्गुष्ठमात्रममलं स्फुरत्पुरटमौलिनम् ।
अपीव्यदर्शनं श्यामं तडिद्वाससमच्युतम् ॥ ८ ॥
aṅguṣṭha-mātram amalaṁ
apīvya-darśanaṁ śyāmaṁ
taḍid vāsasam acyutam


aṅguṣṭha — by the measure of a thumb; mātram — only; amalam — transcendental; sphurat — blazing; puraṭa — gold; maulinam — helmet; apīvya — very beautiful; darśanam — to look at; śyāmam — blackish; taḍit — lightning; vāsasam — clothing; acyutam — the Infallible (the Lord).


He [the Lord] was only thumb high, but He was all transcendental. He had a very beautiful, blackish, infallible body, and He wore a dress of lightning yellow and a helmet of blazing gold. Thus He was seen by the child.

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