ŚB 1.12.10

अस्त्रतेज: स्वगदया नीहारमिव गोपति: ।
विधमन्तं सन्निकर्षे पर्यैक्षत क इत्यसौ ॥ १० ॥
astra-tejaḥ sva-gadayā
nīhāram iva gopatiḥ
vidhamantaṁ sannikarṣe
paryaikṣata ka ity asau


astra-tejaḥ — radiation of the brahmāstra; sva-gadayā — by means of His own club; nīhāram — drops of dew; iva — like; gopatiḥ — the sun; vidhamantam — the act of vanishing; sannikarṣe — nearby; paryaikṣata — observing; kaḥ — who; iti asau — this body.


The Lord was thus engaged in vanquishing the radiation of the brahmāstra, just as the sun evaporates a drop of dew. He was observed by the child, who thought about who He was.

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