ŚB 1.11.30

अथाविशत् स्वभवनं सर्वकाममनुत्तमम् ।
प्रासादा यत्र पत्नीनां सहस्राणि च षोडश ॥ ३० ॥
athāviśat sva-bhavanaṁ
sarva-kāmam anuttamam
prāsādā yatra patnīnāṁ
sahasrāṇi ca ṣoḍaśa


atha — thereafter; aviśat — entered; sva-bhavanam — personal palaces; sarva — all; kāmam — desires; anuttamam — perfect to the fullest extent; prāsādāḥ — palaces; yatra — where; patnīnām — of the wives numbering; sahasrāṇi — thousands; ca — over and above; ṣoḍaśa — sixteen.


Thereafter, the Lord entered His palaces, which were perfect to the fullest extent. His wives lived in them, and they numbered over sixteen thousand.


Lord Kṛṣṇa had 16,108 wives, and for each and every one of them there was a fully equipped palace complete with necessary compounds and gardens. Full description of these palaces is given in the Tenth Canto. All the palaces were made of the best marble stone. They were illuminated by jewels and decorated by curtains and carpets of velvet and silk, nicely bedecked and embroidered with gold lace. The Personality of Godhead means one who is full with all power, all energy, all opulences, all beauties, all knowledge and all renunciation. Therefore, in the palaces of the Lord there was nothing wanting for fulfilling all desires of the Lord. The Lord is unlimited, and therefore His desires are also unlimited, and the supply is also unlimited. Everything being unlimited, it is concisely described here as sarva-kāmam, or full with all desirable equipment.

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