Mudras are special hand gestures that pleases the Lord during the course of elaborate worship.

1) Ankusa-mudra:

This mudra represents a goad for controlling the invoking {mantra)
the holy rivers into a container of water, with your right middle finger touch the surface of the water (avoid touching the water with the fingernails). Your thumb should hold the little and ring fingers, and your index finger should be bent at the middle joint at a right angle, perpendicular to the middle finger.

2) Bijaksara-mudra:

Use the bijaksara-mudra when invoking bija syllables, 
mula-mantra, or Gayatri mantras  into items for worship. With palms down, place your left hand over your right, and use the right thumb to count the syllables or the mantras on the joints of the fingers of the right hand, as when chanting Gayatri

3) Asana-mudra:

Touch the tips of your thumbs together, and do likewise with the tips of your little fingers and the base of your palms. Then spread the remaining fingers upward and point them slightly towards the Deity.

4) Naivedya-mudra:

Open your right hand palm with all fingers close to each other as if your right hand is a spoon pointing towards the Deities. Then let your left hand fingers touch your right hand between palm and elbow. Use this mudra while making offering to the Deities.

5) Cakra - mudra :

This purifies the paraphernalia to be offered, dispelling  inauspicious subtle influences. With the right palm over the left palm, spread the fingers out like the spokes of a wheel. Hold this position briefly over the item being purified.

6) Galani-mudra :

This mudra is a “strainer” that purifies liquids of Imperceptible impurities. Hook the middle three fingers of both hands into each other while touching the little finger of the right hand to the thumb of the left hand, and the thumb of the right hand to the little finger of the left hand. Hold this position briefly over the item being purified

7) Dhenu-mudra :

Dhenu-mudra transforms paraphernalia into nectar. You should also use it when invoking the Deity into vishesha arghya or kalasa (pot for worship), at which time this mudra expresses a request for the Lord to show His blissful nature

8) Matsya-mudra :

Matsya-mudra    protects    paraphernalia    from contamination by covering it. With your left palm on the /    back of your right hand, move your thumbs in a forward circular “swimming” motion once or twice over the item being protected.

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