Most Basic etiquettes for Deities dressing!!

The more you beautify the Deities, the more your heart will be beautiful and you will understand Krishna Consciousness very distinctly. SPL to Citralekha, Bombay 71/6/15

I can see that you are very nicely taking care of the Deities, and this is much appreciated by me. Now you stick to this process of worship of the Deity and you will advance more and more in Krishna consciousness. SPL to Hladini, Bombay, 74-7-26

H.H. Radhanath Maharai said regarding dressing:

“I dressed deities for ten years in simple and standard way, with a few pieces of jewellery perfectly in line, exactly balanced and symmetrical. Many senior devotees used to come and say, ‘How beautiful the Deities are!’ People should see the beauty of the Deity. Krsna is not standing as a model to exhibit your artistic abilities.”

Morning dressing: (for night dressing, kindly refer to Dasanudas guidelines)

  1. Very little quantity of scented oil should be used for massaging the transcendental body of the Lord before bathing Him. OIL SHOULD NEVER BE APPLIED ON THE PAINTED PARTS of Lord’s deity form as it removes the paint.
  2. Do not put Gopichandan paste into the Lotus eyes of the Deity and on painted parts.
  3. As H.H. Radhanath Swami Maharaj has recommended: Rub the body of the Deity with Gopi chandan paste with the help of thumb while the other four fingers are placed around the body of the Deity. By rubbing in this manner adequate pressure is being applied on the body of the Deity which enables proper cleaning.
  4. Kindly wipe off all the chandan from the lotus body of the Lord very carefully and softly using a towel or cotton. Carefully observe to see that NO CHANDAN MARKS are left on the lotus face, hands or head of the Lord.
  5. Please be extra careful in using pins for putting turban or dhoti on Lord’s body. BIG PINS SHOULD NEVER BE USED for dressing SMALL DEITIES.
  7. Either UTTARI of Lord or DHOTI of the Lord SHOULD NOT be pinned up with any TURBAN cloth.
  8. UTTARI may be pinned with sleeve of Lord’s SHIRT but with great care so as NOT TO HURT the ARM of the Lord. PINS should be used with extra care during dressing so that LORD’s transcendental body may not get scratches.
  9. The garlands should be carefully adjusted to NOT cover the jewellery offered to the Lord. The jewellery should be carefully chosen for different limbs and put carefully on Lord’s body very symmetrically. Do NOT use ‘anklets’ as ‘bracelets’ or ‘waist belt’ as ‘necklace’, etc
  10. Lord’s dhoti or skirt should NOT be TOO LONG to cover the LOTUS FEET of the Lord. Also, Uttari of the Lord should be adjusted in such a way that it does not extend below Lord’s lotus knees.
  11. Before putting HAIR on the LOTUS HEAD of the LORD, EARRINGS MUST BE PUT so that later the Hair may not get stuck up in the TACK. No TACK should be put on the LOTUS HEAD of the deities to hold the hair on Their Head.
  12. Before putting the CROWNS on the LOTUS HEAD of the Lord, the belt should be locked. CROWN should NOT be put on the HEAD FIRST and THEN THE BELT TIGHTENED because the HAIR of Lord may get caught up in the belt.

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