Song Name: Krsna Deva Bhavantam Vande
Author: Rupa Goswami
Book Name: Stavamala (Section: Volume 6 Song 24) ​

(refrain) kṛṣṇa deva bhavantaṁ vande
man-mānasa-madhukaram arpaya nija-padapaṅkaja-makarande
yad api samādhiṣu vidhir api paśyati
na tava nakhāgra-marīcim
idam icchāmi niśamya tavācyuta
tad api kṛpādbhuta-vīcim
bhaktir udañcati yady api mādhava
na tvayi mama tila-mātrī
parameśvaratā tad api tavādhika
ayam avilolatayādya sanātana
nivasatu nityam ihāmṛta nindati
vindan madhurima-sāram


Refrain: O Lord Sri Krsna!  I am offering a prayer unto You.  Please let the bee of my mind be offered the nectarian honey of Your lotus feet.

1) Although Brahma in full samadhi cannot catch a glimpse of even a ray of the effulgence from the tips of Your toe-nails still, O Acyutah!  Having heard of the waves of Your astonishing mercy, I long to receive Your grace.

2) O Madhava!  Although I don’t possess even a sesame seed of bhakti for You, still, by Your inconceivable power which makes the impossible possible, please fulfill the desires of my heart.

3) He Sanatana!  Because Your lotus feet are filled with such wonderful rasa, let the bee of my mind always reside unwaveringly in that nectar which puts everything else to shame, for they are the essence of all sweetness.  This is my only prayer.

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