Song Name: Ki Rupe Paibo Seva
Author: Narottama Das Thakura
Book Name: Prarthana (Section: Vaisnava Vijnapti Song 3)

ki rūpe pāibo sevā mui durācāra
śrī guru vaiṣṇave rati nā hoilo āmāra
aśeṣa māyāte mana magana hoilo
vaiṣṇavete leśa mātra rati nā janmilo
viṣaye bhuliyā andha hoinu divā-niśi
gale phāńsa dite phire māyā se piśācī
ihāre koriyā jaya chāḍāno nā yāya
sādhu kṛpā vinā āra nāhiko upāya
adoṣa-daraśi prabhu! patita uddhāra
ei bāra narottame koroho nistāra


1-5) “How can an ill-behaved person like me attain devotional service? I have no loving attachment to Sri Guru and Vaisnavas. My mind is endlessly absorbed in maya, and I don’t even have the slightest loving attachment to the Vaisnavas. I have been blinded due to being absorbed in sense gratification day and night and the witch named maya repeatedly hangs a noose around my neck. There is no way to defeat her or give her up unless I attain the mercy of the saints. O Vaisnava! O master! You do not look for faults, but you simply redeem the fallen! This time redeem this Narottama!”

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