Song Name: Gopinath Ghucao Samsara
Official Name: Gopinath (Part two)
Book Name: Kalyana Kalpataru (Section: Upalabdhi Vijnapti Song 2)

gopināth, ghucāo saṁsāra jwālā
avidyā-jātanā, āro nāhi sahe,
gopīnāth, āmi to’ kāmera dāsa
viṣaya-bāsanā, jāgiche hṛdoye,
phādiche karama phāsa
gopināth, kabe vā jāgibo āmi
kāma-rūpa ari, dūre teyāgibo,
hṛdoye sphuribe tumi
gopīnāth, āmi to’ tomāra jana
tomāre chāriyā, saṁsāra bhajinu,
bhuliyā āpana-dhana
gopināth, tumi to’ sakali jāno
āpanāra jane, daṇḍiyā ekhano,
śrī-caraṇe deho sthāno
gopīnāth, ei ki vicāra taba
bimukha dekhiyā, chāro nija-jane,
na koro’ karuṇā-laba
gopīnāth, āmi to mūrakha ati
kise bhālo hoya, kabhu nā bujhinu,
tāi heno mama gati
gopīnāth, tumi to’ paṇḍita-bara
mūḍhera maṅgala, tumi anveṣibe,
e dāse nā bhāvo’ para


1) O Gopinatha, please remove the torment of worldly existence. I can no longer tolerate the pain of ignorance and the repeated succession of births and deaths.

2) O Gopinatha, indeed I am a servant of lust. Worldly desires are awakening in my heart, and thus the noose of fruitive work is beginning to tighten.

3) O Gopinatha, when will I wake up and abandon afar this enemy of lust, end when will You manifest Yourself in my heart?

4) O Gopinatha, I am Your devotee, but having abandoned You and thus having forgotten my real treasure, I have worshiped this mundane world.

5) O Gopinatha, You know everything. Now, having punished Your servant, please give him a place at Your lotus feet.

6) O Gopinatha, is this Your judgment, that seeing me averse to You, You abandon Your servant and don’t bestow even a particle of mercy upon him?

7) O Gopinatha, I am certainly very foolish, and I have never known what is good for me. Therefore such is my condition.

8) O Gopinatha, You are indeed the wisest person. Please look for a way to bring about auspiciousness for this fool, and please do not consider this servant as an outsider.

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