Song Name: Dhana Mor Nityananda
Official Name: Swa Nistha
Author: Narottama Dasa Thakura
Book Name: Prarthana

dhana mor nityānanda, pati mor gaura-candra,
prāṇa mor yugala-kiśor
advaita ācārya bala, gadādhar mor kula,
narahari vilāsa-i mor
vaiṣṇaver pada-dhūli, tāhe mor snāna-keli,
tarpaṇa mor vaiṣṇaver nāma
vicār koriyā mane, bhakti-rasa āsvādane,
madhyastha śrī-bhāgavata purāṇa
vaiṣṇaver ucchiṣṭha, tāhe mor mana niṣṭha,
vaiṣṇaver nāmete ullās
vṛndāvane cabutārā, tāhe mor mana gherā,
kohe dīna narottam dās


1) Lord Nityananda is my wealth.  Lord Gauracandra is my master.  The youthful Divine Couple is my life.  Advaita Acarya is my strength. Gadadhara is my family.  Narahari Sarakara is my glory.

2) The dust of the devotees’ lotus feet is my bathing water.  The chanting of the devotees names is my satisfaction.  Considering the merits of all Vedic literatures in the light of devotional service, I have concluded that the Srimad Bhagavatam is the best of all scriptures.

3) My mind is firmly convinced of the spiritual benefit obtained by eating the remnants of foodstuff left by the devotees.  The names of the devotees are my happiness.  The land of Vrndavana is the enclosure within which I keep my mind.  Poor-hearted Narottama dasa speaks in this way.

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