Dasanudas Services_ EVENING


1.Report in deity kitchen by 7:40 PM; Perform 24 Achamana & Chant Gayatri and be ready by 7:45PM.

2.Take out the night dresses of Their Lordships and keep them in two separate baskets for SS GN and SS RVC. Also, take two steel trays and keep a acaman patra, a pin cushion and cotton in each of them.

3.Enter the altar at sharp 8:00PM after paying obeisances OUTSIDE THE ALTAR; then offer a flower to spiritual master seeking his blessings and permission for the service.

4.As soon as the altar is closed

a.Put 3 tubs in front of the three altars for the pujaris to put the garlands.
b.Shift the parampara to the back side of SS RVC altar.
c.Shift SP deity on the table.
d.Shift all other photos on the side of altar.
e.Shift Tulasi Maharani to the small bhoga offering table by the right side of altar.
f.Shift the shoes of SS GN and SS RVC to Their respective sides while shoes of SS JBS should be shifted to the table.
g.Mop the door area in front of SS GN and SS RVC and shift the small tables there.
h.Be VERY CAREFUL AND ATTENTIVE to remove the pins locking the UTTARIS of Lord GAURANGA and Lord NITYANAND or Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Vrindavan Candra BEFORE SHIFTING THEM to the separate TABLE to dress Them.
i.Remove all the flowers, garlands, Tulasi, etc from all laminations and deities and clean them with cotton.

B. DRESSING SMALL DEITIES: Now, bring the trays and cloths of small deities and start changing their dresses keeping the following points in mind.

5.Try to carefully locate the pins being used in UTTARI, DHOTI, SLEEVE, etc and with great care take them out. DO NOT be in HASTE else Lord may get HURT.

6.Remove the pins from the turban very carefully so as NOT TO SPOIL the TURBAN CLOTHS or HAIR of the LORD.

7.The earrings of the Lord should be removed only after removing the HAIR from the Lotus HEAD of the Lord.

8.All the TACK should be very carefully removed from the lotus ears of the Lord after removing the ear rings. NEVER PUT ANY TACK on the HAIR of the LORD.

9.All the chandan should be very carefully wiped from the lotus feet of the deities using wet cotton or soft cloth. SPECIAL ATTENTION SHOULD BE PAID TO WIPE CHANDAN from the gap between two lotus fingers of the lotus feet of Their Lordships. Carefully observe to see that NO CHANDAN MARKS are left on the lotus face, hands or head of the Lord.

10.NOT EVEN A SINGLE PIN SHOULD BE USED WHILE DRESSING THE DEITIES IN THEIR NIGHT OUTFITS as the pins may prick them while going to bed for resting. For putting Dhoti, one or two pins can be used for holding dhoti BUT WE SHOULD TAKE THEM OUT CAREFULLY AFTER putting a cloth on Lord’s waist.

11.Be very careful to not hurt the Lord’s transcendental body while removing jewellery like necklaces, earrings, etc.

12.Lord’s dhoti or skirt should not be too long to cover the LOTUS FEET of the Lord. It should be properly adjusted so that Lord’s lotus feet are clearly visible for darshan.

13.Uttari of the Lord should be adjusted in such a way that it does not extend below Lord’s lotus knees.

14.Before putting the CROWNS on the LOTUS HEAD of the Lord, the belt should be locked. CROWN should NOT be put on the HEAD FIRST and THEN THE BELT TIGHTENED because the HAIR of Lord may get caught up in the belt.


15.Shift the laminations, parampara, Tulasi Maharani and deities back on the altar after the pujaris have completed their services and cleaned their respective altars using a blue cloth.

16.Adjust the crowns after shifting the deities back on the Altar.

17.Shift the small tables back on the platform behind SS RVC altar.

18.Quickly but carefully broom the area in front of the altars; collect the petals, etc in the pan. Then mop the entire area using a RED mopping cloth.

19.When the altar is open, go the deity jewellery room and keep the jewellery, turban pieces, turban cloths in their respective drawers. In case you are not aware what is to be kept where, please ask the other pujaris.

20.Assist other pujaris in sorting out and keeping back the jewellery and dresses of big deities in their respective places.

21.Make plates for offering CONDENSED MILK to the Lord. Bring condensed milk from the kitchen below & pour into 3 big bowls; also fill glasses of water for each plate. Make Bhoga offering plates also. Put 2, 2 & 3 Tambuls in 3 bowls.

22.Fill in the water glasses for the Lords & put Tulasi leaves in all except one for SP.

23.Remove petals from the fragrant flowers in a plate to be used by pujaris for putting the Lord to rest.

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