Bg. 11.39

वायुर्यमोऽग्न‍िर्वरुण: शशाङ्क:
प्रजापतिस्त्वं प्रपितामहश्च ।
नमो नमस्तेऽस्तु सहस्रकृत्व:
पुनश्च भूयोऽपि नमो नमस्ते ॥ ३९ 
vāyur yamo ’gnir varuṇaḥ śaśāṅkaḥ
prajāpatis tvaṁ prapitāmahaś ca
namo namas te ’stu sahasra-kṛtvaḥ
punaś ca bhūyo ’pi namo namas te


vāyuḥ — air; yamaḥ — the controller; agniḥ — fire; varuṇaḥ — water; śaśaaṅkaḥ — the moon; prajāpatiḥ — Brahmā; tvam — You; prapitāmahaḥ — the great-grandfather; ca — also; namaḥ — my respects; namaḥ — again my respects; te — unto You; astu — let there be; sahasrakṛtvaḥ — a thousand times; punaḥ ca — and again; bhūyaḥ — again; api — also; namaḥ — offering my respects; namaḥ te — offering my respects unto You.


You are air, and You are the supreme controller! You are fire, You are water, and You are the moon! You are Brahmā, the first living creature, and You are the great-grandfather. I therefore offer my respectful obeisances unto You a thousand times, and again and yet again!


The Lord is addressed here as air because the air is the most important representation of all the demigods, being all-pervasive. Arjuna also addresses Kṛṣṇa as the great-grandfather because He is the father of Brahmā, the first living creature in the universe.

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