Song Name: Ar Koto Kal
Author: Mira Bai

ār koto kāl, giridhārī lāl
ārāle ārāle robe
nayaneri jāl jhori abirol
daraśana pābo kabe
tomār caraṇa prabhu niyechi saraṇa
pujār kusūm sama ei tanu mana
akul āmār ei maram meri āśā
tabe ki biphale jābe
dekha jadi nāhi dibe aganir doyā
tabe keno dile āśā bhoriyā hṛdoy
mirār parāṇe tomāri kāmanā
daraśana pābo kabe


 After how long will I see You, O darling Giridhari Lal? Until then, I will simply remain here, waiting and waiting!

1) Tears are flowing incessantly from my eyes. O when will I attain Your vision? Until then waiting ..

2) O Lord, I have taken shelter of Your lotus feet. In Your worship, I offer my body and mind as flowers. My heart is fervent with these aspirations. Will they go unfulfilled? Until then waiting ..

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