Song Name: Ar Ke Bajabe Bamsi

ār ke bājābe bāṁśī śyāma braje nāi (go)
mana duhkhe kāńde ekā kamalini rāi go
śyāma braje nāi
phuler baśara kālī
sajara virohīnī
āmi saba niśi jāgiyā
śyāma āse nāi (go)
śyāma virohe kāńde kāńde sūka sārī
śyāma virohe kāńde kāńde vraja nārī
bājā nā śyāmer veṇu
goṣṭhe cale nā dhenu
vrajete cale gecche prāṇer kanāi (go)


Refrain: Now that Syama has left Braja, who else will play the flute?

1) Since Syama has left Braja, the beautiful lotus-like Radharani is so unhappy that She is constantly weeping.

2) While decorating a forest bower with wildflowers, Radharani exclaims, “My dear friend, all night I lie awake weeping because Syama will not be coming. He is no longer in Braja!”

3) Due to separation of Syama both male and female parrots are weeping, along with the cowherd girls of Braja. Syama is no longer playing the flute and the cows no longer go out to the pasture. “My dear friend, our life and soul, Krsna, has left Braja!”

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